LNP10-10-20 The Home Improvement Show?

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We had a blast with this show! Thank you to everybody who was in the chatroom!

As usual it's not marked as NSFW but you should know by now how we are. We are adult truck drivers and bad language and mature audiences are required.

Opening song was "Stayin in Black-AC/DC-Bee Gees mashup" by Wax Audio
Closing song is "Hammer On Down" by Unke Bonehead

Dont forget we want you to come on the air live and tell us your ghost stories on Halloween!

Live show airs Sundays 1-3am UTC on MSPWaves

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From The Trucker Report

[O/O ordered to pay $411 Million](https://www.thetruckersreport.com/owner-operator-ordered-pay-411-million-largest-verdict-ever/)

[Former FMCSA head moves](https://www.thetruckersreport.com/ex-fmcsa-head-moves-driverless-truck-company/)

[FMCSA forms new group](https://www.thetruckersreport.com/fmcsa-forms-advisory-committee-trucking-filled-real-actual-truck-drivers-first-time-ever/)

Full Text of the Mad Lib that got cut off for the live listeners.

My Evil Plan to Take Over the World!

I am Dr. juicy. I am destined to shaving the taint. Unfortunately, the taint is full of a bunch of purple victims that do not agree. So this is my curly plan to take over the taint:

To start with, I`ll need to build my steamy hideout in an abandoned Stanley Steamer complex in the middle of the brothel. It will have 8 underground floor(s), and only 13 floor(s) above ground. All the fuckers will open incredibly and address me as "The Great and Robust Dr. juicy". I will also have several rooms designed for snorting and licking anyone who tries to honk me. That is, after I have hammered the full extent of my curly plan to them.

Next, I will hire some priests to design the Fleshlight Buster, a machine designed to trigger huge genocides wherever I want it to. And if they dont want to build it, I will capture their guitars and threaten to make them abortions for hours on end. Once its built, I will have it cucked along the San Andreas grandma.

Mwqueef, queef, queef, queef, queef!

Obviously you vomit, I can hold the Governor of Texas, Mariano, against the threat of squawking 15/7 of the state into the ocean. And once I have control of Texas, I will jump the bob industry into promoting my right to shaving the taint, and literally all will succumb to my dog and happy.

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