Yeah, About that...

Yeah, About That...

...content creation video I've been trying to make.

A personal revelation

I said I was going to make a video about content creation. My personal thoughts on them and why some people can really just nail it and some cant. I've recorded it several times over the last two weeks. And I've come to realize that I just basicly suck at doing "prepared" content. I feel much more confident at just hitting record and just running with it and the bare minimum of editing. I think it makes for a more compelling peice of content. Because its from the heart and unscripted. Its more "real".


I've tried to do well researched content with a structure and it just doesnt work for me and my job. I never seem to have time to do what I want to do to make a "proper" video like other people. And when I do go through and write a script I really suck at reading it. Its so painfully obbious that I'm reading and not just talking. It makes me feel all spammy.

So I decided to redo this one once again only this time I'm just going to use some bullet points like I used to do in my audio podcasts and post it in written form.

3 Observations About Content Creation and Creators

I've asked many content creators over the years about these 3 things and havent gotten a huge variety of different answers from all of them. Some of them have been completely upfront and honest and some not so much.

  1. I am fascinated by the process of it more than the actual act of it. Where they get the idea for it? What are the steps they take to make it? What they have to do to distribute it? And what is their reward for doing it.
  2. I am intriqued by the mental awareness of the creator. By this I mean, what are they thinking about while creating the content? Are they totally immeresed and a perfectionist doing there best and being hyper critical about it? Do they just throw it out there and let themselves shine or do they put on an "act" for the camera or microphone?
  3. I'm curious as to the end game of the creator. No matter what they say, there is a goal they want to acheive. Otherwise why do they do it?


Whether they do it for money (crypto) or just want to be a part of new wave of media or even be a "viral" video getting their 15 minutes of fame. We all have an endgame in our content creation. Some feel they should hide it because it might be embarassing if others knew they are "doing it for the money" or starving for fame. C'mon lets be honest, there is absolutely nothing wrong with those as endgames. Those are the two longest running reasons people have used for centuries. If those are it then dont be ashamed. Own that shit! Take it to the next level and get wild with it!

But there are many who arent doing it for those things. There are many who are doing it for their personal interests. Such as artists and musicians. They create something putting their hear and soul into the content and just want to share it with the word because that is their gift to the world.

Still there are others who do it for the learngin experience. Because its fun to learn new things. The passion doesnt show in a final product and the satisfaction comes from moving to a new thing to learn.

Where do I stand?

I'm not ashamed to say that I'm a little in all of those categories. Although I started in my content creation learing how to create content (recording my guitar) which led me into learning about podcasts. Which then led me to online radio and Linux, then security, self hosting, decentralization and now to Hive and other crypto. While I havent learned enough to be an expert in every one of those I have learned enough to keep my fires burning to want to know more and more.

I dont do it for money or any kind of fame. I've actually worked pretty conciously since the beginning to avoid those two things. Releasing all of my content under creative commons and shying away from many interviews and collaborations with other podcasters. I even aburptly ended a podcast I used to do where I interviewed some of the top podcasters in the industry when I realized that it was gaining a huge following. But over the last couple of years I honesty wouldnt mind the money or the fame. If somebody finds some kind of value in what I create then I wont ever say no to someone wanting to throw money at me. I just hope they remember who created it and passes it on to the next person who needs the help.