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Loud & Proud 01/10/21

Testicle difficulties: Please Stand By

The gremlins lash out

I dont honestly now what happened. Either Frankenputer got infected with a gremlin that didnt want me to stream or something borked up some where. But OBS Studio just would not let me stream.
So I fired up Ardour and just recorded the audio. I then edited together a quick video to accompany it so I could put it on 3Speak, BitChute and YouTube.

For the audio podcast subscribers you should notice a huge improvemet in the audio quaility. For you people that like to watch the video so you can see the memes and pics we are laughing at, well, you're out of luck.

An enhanced experience

I did however get the new intro video as well as the music video for the song we played to sync up quite nicely. Plus I added titles and hive/3Speak ID's to the video version.

So what went wrong?

I really havent figured it out yet. But I suspect that it might be because I am using a version of OBS Studio that is built from an AUR package that I havent updated in a while. Being that it is a package that is built from git I have to manually rebuild it. It is isnt updated through a package manager. If there are updates to the dependacies of that package that could effect the behaviour of a git package.

At the time of this posting I havent been able to fix anything with it. I think I'm just going to remove it and go with the one from the official repos. Which means I'm gonna have to go througha and set up the scenes all over agin. Booooo!

Lesson learned

During the rendering process from Olive Video Editor I mistakenly encoded the audio at 48000. But since the audio was recorded at 44100 in Ardour the audio on the resulting .mp4 made us all sound like a bunch of pre-teens at a slumber party. So I am currently re-encoding the video version. But the audio version is uploading to the rss feeds right now!

So if you are a podcast subscriber then you get the benefit this week!

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