LNP-12-13-20-Inappropriate Xmas Gifts

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LNP 12-13-20 Inappropriate Xmas Gifts

Aka the "Shut the F@*k up, Mural" episode!

This was a blast of a show

We want to extend a very special thank you to Mural for coming on the air and talking our ears off. @thisnewgirl also joined us live on the air and the chat room was a constant blur. I had some neighborhood carolers kept stopping by the studio. I wasnt scared of them, I had the M16 standing by and ready to go. What I am I talking about? Just listen to the show.

There were no real guns or carolers in this episode. The following links are not affiliate links and we are not sponsored by anybody!
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Gift Ideas

Have you got someone you need to get a Christmas gift for but just don't have any clue what to get them? Well we put together a short list of items for you!

Smelly Stuff


Coffe Mugs


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