Wild bunny~ 8bit pixel art


hello friends of onchainart <3

While I continue with my little artistic block
I started to try some things to look for,
you know inspiration.

and my way to get inspired is to do other things,
crafts, traditional painting.

so I wanted to share with you my finding


It turns out that I did not know that I could make pixelart

because I consider it very difficult, very delicate.

But wanting to do something different in the afternoon today,
I discovered that I am good at it and also that it relaxes me a lot to do it.

the bunny there
ehh well
it was an attempt to pixelart myself HAHAHAHA
I really like bunnies and I like to draw nude in general so ... that's what came out.

I hope you like it <3 as always stay safe at home and creative!

byebye <3




and thanks as always for the support


this newgirl.jpg

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