Welcome to Loud & Proud Community!

What the hell is this?

This is a community inspired by our show Loud & Proud. I'm hoping to make this into something thats not just about the show. But more of the idea and philosophy behind the show.

Its all about Freedom of speech. And just how liberating it is to the human spirit and even mental and physical health.

We as a species have created some of the most astounding architecture, art, civilizations, etc. And its mostly due to freedom which spurs creativity and innovation.

Free speech is the one thing that keeps us together no matter how the opinions differ. The fact that we can, as history has proven over and over, we can all eventually come together and agree on many things.

While other technologies have facilitated their corporate operators to suppress the voices of those that they disagree with. The technology that #hive provides enforces and elevates Free Speech to an height unheard of in the internet age.

There is no CEO, no corporation, no share holders. Only its users. In fact by being on hive you are the CEO.

This is why I started the Loud & Proud Community.

Say what you want.

Say it LOUD & PROUD!


You can watch the Loud & Proud show on MSPWaves Saturdays 7-10pm EST/Sundays 12-3am UTC

Join us in the PAL discord for the live chat!

On the last show of each month we do an "Off the Rails" episode where you can all join us live on air. Its like going to a party in web 3.0 style!