2021 - The Year of The Schlong

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2021 - The Year of The Schlong

We had a lot of fun wiht this episode.

But we did hit some pretty serious topics about what it looks like is headed our way in 2021. We talked about our goals that we have with the show and even how to deal with life without worrying about death.

We announce the new L&P Community on Hive as well as our Hive powered website on Engrave (dblog).

If you post to the L&P community and want your post to show on our site hit me up and I will add you as a collaborator. A Hive account is required. I have already made a video explaining the process. Watch for more of these videos to come out. I'm calling them Boner's Tips.

We also mention that with the new community that we will be creating a token to go along with it. I hadnt been able to come up with a name and as usual, you the audience took the reigns and named it yourselves. It will be called the SCHLONG!

Yeah we made a lot of jokes about that the entire show. But it is really going to happen (as soon as I learn how to do it, lol)!

Enjoy the show and I look forward to seeing you all next weekend!

Dont forget to subscribe to the community and watch for the announcement of the Schlong token!

Special thumbnail/show artwork doodled by @thisnewgirl live during the show!

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