Loud and Proud:Ghost Stories

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Loud and Proud:Ghost Stories

Laughs and maons for everyone!

First order of business

First up I gotta give huge thank you to everyone who showed to listen/watch and talk live on air! It was an absolute blast! The room was packed and we heard a lot of stories. Even with some technical difficulties.

I even spent most of the morning creating a custom intro for this episode. I will upload it seperate so you can see it without hearing us talk like we are in a movie theater. Lol.

Then came the gremlins or was it ghosts?

Around the start of the third hour 1:55:00 Frankenputer got attacked by a ghost or there was an effect of the blue going on. I'm not sure what it was. But it required a quick reboot.

After the reboot everything opened and just lined itself up like the scripts were told to do. Except for the part where it was supposed to record my microphone too.

So, this morning I went through and did some editing. I took out some longer parts where it was just me talking. There was still several stories that and conversations that you didnt need to hear me to understand it. Not to mention that at that point I was enebrated enought that all I really did was sit there and giggle.

Special thanks to the following

Crim, Ron, Gary, Gabriel, Julia, thisnewgirl, goldstreet, swoop and many others for showing up and joinging the chat. If I didnt mention you I am sorry. I think you will forgive me since the alcohol has my memory of last night pretty fuzzy!

We are giving away a one of a kind naughty NFT soon!

@thisnewgirl has created for us a very unique naughty NFT that is absolutely out of this world! We planning on giving this away live on the show in a couple of weeks. We will assign those of you who are interested in getting it a number and then draw the lucky persons number live on air. With video proof so you can see that it's not rigged.

I really want to show it to you but cant yet. When I get the ok in a few days I will!

Here are the stories I personally told.

My stories:

  1. Log truck kills woman in Kentucky during thunderstorm. Now she appears on passey step to see if you are the one. During thunderstorm at highway spead.
  2. Exit 37 Putnamville, IN is haunted by woman killed with cinder block through windsheild. Indiana state trooper sighting and massive hunt for her after her appearance.
  3. When I was around 6 yrs old I saw the mattress of my bed sink down like someone sat on my bed but no one there.
  4. When my grandma died her mantle clock quit working. Shadow of head and shoulders would appear on it it would chime. But not tick. In a pencil portrait of her from the 1920's her eyes would follow you and the dogs would all growl and bark at it. She also changed expressions. Grinning and frowning

Intro Credits

The intro contains clips from the following artists on Pexels.com

Ghost clip by Gabby K from Pexels

Witch clip by Thirdman from Pexels

Zombies and killer clown by cottonbro from Pexels

Skull candle clip by Miguel ?. Padri??n from Pexels

Audio Effects by Air Media.Free imaging effects pack.

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