LNP-11-15-20 We Got a Winner!

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We have some big announcements this week!

  1. We announce the winner of the NFT giveaway.
    https://nftshowroom.com/thisnewgirl/gallery/thisnewgirl_mspwaves-funn_loud-proud who is @rawbe

  2. We officially welcome Radioman as host on the show.

  3. The last Saturday of every month will be an "open mic night" episode. Everyone is welcome to join us in the general voice chat room on the PAL discord server to talk with their own voice about anything they want. Only requirement is that you have a microphone! We are calling these "Off the Rails" episodes.

The first episode is 11-29-20 12-3am UTC 11-28-20 7-10pm EDT!

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