💟Tutorial: make your own aesthetic illustrations 💟


  • This is the end result, you see, you don't have to have great drawing skills to achieve something really beautiful, sometimes the simple can be very attractive
  • Delimit the space you are going to use, in this case it is a beach, so delimit the sky and the sea
  • think of a color palette you would like for your drawing
    beach 00.jpg
  • Here is an example of the type of brush I used to make the shape of the sea and to mix well with other shades of blue lower the opacity of the brush

(im using FireAlpaca program to draw)


  • Before you make the shape of the waves, choose a color for the sand

beach brushp.jpg

  • Here is the explanation of how I made the waves

beach brush.jpg


  • our paradise island needs some palms so let's add them

beach palm.jpg

  • nothing too complicated this is the shape


  • finally add some shadows and details ~




this newgirl.jpg

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