Testing Out Posting to The Loud & Proud Community Thru DBlog

This looks like it's working!

If it is I will be adding people to it if they request it. I think it would make an excellent way for people to experience dblog first hand!

It really is pretty fricking cool!

How it works

I have signed intto DBlog with the owner account for the Lou & Proud Community. I then added myself to it as welll as my @threespkviidshare account. I then logged out and bback in with my unklebonhead account.

Over to the left side of the screen is where my current blogs are. In that drop down is now one that says "The Loud * Proud Community on Hive". I clicked on it and then hit the write new post button. Which brought up the wysiwig editor and, boom, just like that I am writing a post.

Over at the top right next to my profile pic is a drop down that shows just like it does on my normal blogs. Below that is the categories drop down for me to choose. All the ones I set up as the owner of Loud & Proud shows up. And here I am writing this.

But you can already post to a community from pretty much any hive interface!

To that I just say "So!?!?!?!" Why would you want to do it on DBlog? Because its the coolness factor! And I was just able to finally figure it out. Lol.

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