Self Hosted CodiMD Test Drive

Self Hosted CodiMD Test Drive

Trials and Tribulations?

I have Yunohost installed on an old Asus laptop mow and am currently running some tests to see if I can use it to help me create more content on hive.

If I set it up right I should be able to at least use my own self hosted CodiMD outside of my home network to write shownotes and long posts for later posting on hive.

I've also got FreshRSS and an email set up on my Yunohost server. FreshRss is an absolutely beautiful rss reader that is self hostable. It's similar to TinyTinyRss, which is a tried and true reader from way back. But I like the way FreshRss just works and still has a lot of eyecandy.

In the studio

As you know I've said several times and proclaimised the wonders of InstantOS. A smooth, shiny and new little tiling window manager disro based on Arch is my distro of choice on all my machines. It's blazing fast and I can hop around on all the monitors just as fast as I can tap buttons on the keyboard.

I was running into problems with some audio/video latency and I think I have that problem solved by installing the real time kernel. I've ran all 6 hrs of the last two shows with 0 xruns and minimum latency in the headphones. With 0 dropped frames during the streams I'm finding it really hard to beat what this little distro does.


Glen MacArthur has recently released AV Linux MX Edition. It's shiny and new so it has really caught my eye. AV Linux was really the distro I fell completly in love with back in the day when I first got into content creation on Linux.

I had it (the orginal AV Linux) installed on my first Frankenputer for years. Not connected to the internet and all it did was record my podcast and some songs that were never released. It just worked and kept working until that mother board smoked out.

So you can imagine that my ADD and distro lust is raging and I really want to take a look at it. Chances are I will like it and end up keeping it on Frankenputer. But I'm torn. I've put a lot into learing to use a tiling a window manager and AV Linux uses XFCE. I dont know if I can get used to using a "regular" desktop again.

Only time will tell

I do plan on giving the new AV Linux a test run and I will be sure to let my thoughts on it be known.

Since I've written this post using my own self hosted instance of CodiMD I just have to say that CodiMD is an amazing peice of software! As a markdown editor is fast becoming my favorite one around. Even better than having one installed on my laptop.

I love having the spilt screen with the preview so I can instantly see when I screwed up the markdown. Lol. I'm such a boomer!

Being that it's hosted right here on my local network means thats super snappy and fast. I cant wait to get outside my network and see how it all performs.

Thats it for now. Have a happy and full feeling on this Thanksgiving 2020!

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