We Got Super Sized! LNP-10-170-20

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We asked for an extra hour and for some stupid reason the powers that be gave it to us. So for now we are on 12-3am UTC time. For us here in the states that is 8-11pm EST. At least until daylight savings time kicks in. Then it will be 7-10pm. I hate that crap and they need to do away with DST!

We only played two songs. First was a cover of Eddie VanHalen's "Eruption" played on the Stylophone. The other was "This is Halloween" by Broken Peach.

Thatnewgirl has been commissioned to create an original, one of a kind piece of artwork for the show that we will give away in a future contest on the show.
We stuck with the tradition of doing a MadLib in the last hour and it took nearly the entire hour to complete. Well worth the effort you all put into it.
We also want you to know how much we truly appreciate all of you who do turn up each week to listen to us blabber about useless stuff and join in the conversation in the chat.
r0nd0n, crimsonclad, kyle, hiveqa, thatnewgirl, julia, normok, foxkoit, gabriel, stace and anybody I may have missed. You guys and gals are what makes this show GREAT!
I hope I didnt tag all of you in this post. But if I did I'm sorry.

Dont forget to join us in the general chat room in the discord server on the Halloween show for your real ghost stories!

We are looking forward to hearing yours!

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