Quick illustration of an adventure

the guy and the lady2.jpg

Hello friends as always, here I bring you a simple tutorial to make cute drawings. With a little imagination you can achieve great things!

This time I wanted to make a couple of elves, later history will tell us what they are looking for

  • the program I used is Fire Alpaca

don't roll up, use a brush and pen and start sketching, it doesn't have to be a perfect sketch, in my opinion it's cute when it's messy

  • I personally like to use a background color like the one I used here, I feel more comfortable drawing like this, with the white canvas ... it is as if the white color pressures you and says "DRAW IN MY MAKE IT"
  • Dare to try colors!
    I usually use watercolors because the colors mix with each other

the guy and the lady.jpg

the guy and the lady1.jpg

this newgirl.jpg

  • thanks to the gem community for always supporting my post, and to the curators <3 you are a love


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