LNP The Ulitmate Train Wreck 11-08-20

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Wow! What a train wreck of a show. Even worse than our normal crash and burn.
We tried streaming to 2 extra sites and something went all wiggy wacky at the restreamer that then possibly fed back to us that caused Frankenputer to go haywire. Then the zombies started roaming the streets, rainging hell fire, cats and dogs playing together! It was literally an apocalypse of biblical proportions!

Oh yeah, Radioman was on with us and we did talk about the NFT give away. We also have an email just for the show. It's lnp.mspwaves@gmail.com

You can check out the artwork here and decide if you want to win it or if you just want to buy it.
While your there check out the other stuf @thisnewgirl has created as well as the other artists!

NFT Giveaway Requirements and How to Enter

  • You must be a member of NFT Showroom in order to receive the artwork.
  • You must email us at lnp.mspwaves@gmail.com in order for us to know that you are interested and assign you a random number. We also need your NFT Showroom name. Its usually your hive username.
  • You do not need to be present during the drawing to win. The winner will be contacted and the files sent promptly.

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