Making an Announcemnt Soon!

Making an Announcement Soon

Changes keep coming because of growth.

I bought a couple of domain names using #hive. So I can finally acheive what I've wanted to do with my unklebonehead account as well with the live show on MSPWaves. For my hive account I purchased and for the show I bought

So for the show all future show notes and such will be found at Loud and Proud Live. I dont know yet if I will be able to embed a live player so you may need to watch it live at MSPWaves, Vimm, 3Speak or Theta. But I will figure it out and post it prominetly!

The other Unkle Bonehead will be where you will find all of my posts on hive and it will look like a regular blog. Exactly like I've been trying to do. If you are following me on PeakD or I dont think there will be any difference for you. Just follow and interact as normal.

The big thing is for me is that people who land on those two domains are not going to know that it is ran on hive. They can interact with the sites just like any other site or blog. It's just absolutely brillant for me. Gives me my own little corner of the internet powered by hive.

Of course all of this is being made possible by @engrave. Which is run by an awesome individual named Nic ( I wont even try to pronounce his last name, lol). Who is not only an awesome witness on hive but the first person to jump to help me get started on hive. He was MIA for a bit but is now back at it and pounding away at some code for Engrave and some other projects.

If you havent checked out Engrave I suggest you do. Its an awesome dapp on hive and is similar to blogger or wordpress. You can even buy domains through its marketplace and they are already configured to point to your blog on Engrave. I will do some tutorials on using it for a blog soon!