Loud and Proud 09-19-20 More Testicle Difficulties!

Loud and Proud 09-19-20

More Testicle Difficulties! Audio only episode.

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Whats happin lately

Seems like here lately I've been plagued with some major production problems. Every time I turn around something goes wrong. I know a lot of it has to do that I'm working with old equipment. The hardware itself is pretty high quality. Such as the mics and audio interface. But the computers I have are low budget. Previously there was one called Frankenputer which is a mashup of some old laptop parts cobbled together and held by literally 2 screws. The other was a decent Dell laptop that was good until a couple of weeks ago decided not to boot. I also have an old Acer C300 Chromebook running InstantOS that I use in the truck for writing Hive posts when I have time during the week.

I got it running yesterday and all was kind of good until show time and all hell broke loose. I was able to salvage the audio so that is what is being posted this week. The audio turned out quite well but the video was so choppy and looked like something from the 90's that it was literally unusable.

Opening song is "My Country" from Watch Them Burn whose singer is [@dexpartacus(https://peakd.com/@dexpartacus/), a fellow hive user.

In this episode I also deleted my BoneheadUnkle twitter account. I am now only @3speakvidshare on twitter that account will only be hive posts nothing more.
This will get better. I promise. I just need to learn how to use what little I have. Lol.
And maybe just make a little extra cash and buy a new computer.

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