📔 ✒️ introducing myself🖌🌸


Ok this is definitely going to be a little weird


This is me✨ my name is Andrelis, I am 24 years old, even if it doesn't seem like it.



🌸 about my life and how I got to this platform~

🌸 well I am from Venezuela and it is no secret to any other country that things are really very difficult here. Of course, I would like to be able to make my life in another country but ...

🌸 I do not have enough resources to achieve it, even though I am a very good worker ... u.u🦑..

🌸 so, despite the adversities, I have not given up, even though it is a bit discouraging to be 24 years old and not be able to live on my own ...

so I said to myself that I can achieve what I set out to do and improve my quality of life here


🌸 Having said that, I will give you a tour of my work experiences HAHAHAH the friends I met along the way

🌸 not without first showing you my work tools. colored pencils and watercolors. And for digital works, a computer that I bought with a lot of effort and work (here it is difficult to buy something in bolivares since, as you know, the currency is devalued with every sigh of a hungry Venezuelan) as you can see is a mini laptop with just 1.80GB of RAM...


🖌 not the best but also not the worst


everything you can see here, is from my first job and the things that I was learning on my own, I worked at the age of 20 in a piñateria and toy store during my thesis and internship. I am a graphic designer, to my surprise, working here I was surprised to see that I knew how to do something, that I didn't know what I knew how to do. HAHAHAHAH 🌼

I KNEW HOW TO MAKE PIÑATAS! And I made the most of it.🦑

Of course, in this first job, they exploited me horrible ...

I learned to differentiate a good person ... from a good boss ...🕷

knowing how to do something does not mean that it is "easy"🦉

or that you know how to do it fast does not mean that "it is not exhausting"🥀



I met very good people 💐, but my bosses were so inconsiderate that ... they did not provide me with transportation having the possibilities ... and that's how I got home ... soaked by the rain ... tired from a work day and running to get on a public bus ... all that ... the consequences of getting sick not only physically but psychologically are so high ... for a salary of $ 4 a month ...


so that same day I came to my house crying for having wasted time in a job that was really not worth it (it should be noted that it is very difficult to get a good job here ... and I do not doubt that in any other part of the world it is not like this) but ... not even an ice cream I could eat, because the ice cream cost half of my monthly payment



I found a new job in January, better than the previous one or at least I thought so

since they had promised me a good payment. $ 20 per month....
However, not everything was wonderful, we did not have transportation, working in a high level store ... we did not even have uniforms (?

the same as always, the owners were very greedy, they have
several stores across the country but ... they really don't really keep an eye on their employees and this is understandable, but even the supervisor didn't do his job well

It was better than nothing, right?
The real problem came when they gave me the excuse that they couldn't pay me because I wasn't in contract ... that after 3 months of work I did ...

We did not have transportation, working hours were more ... we did not free in the week ... anyway


I felt trapped ... my 2-year relationship was going to be wasted, in my house the situation was complicated, my mother did not fully understand ... she also has: too strong a personality and that clashes with my lifestyle ( He loves to make scandals about small problems ... I think he has trouble managing anger)


so I kept looking for a new job where I was better, ahahaha while I had an affair with a store mannequin

oh yes, sometimes I like to dress as a boy because I really think in a certain way that clothes are genderless, I like to adopt different styles and dress cute


And the great day has arrived !! I magically found a new job, doing something I had never done before.

I saw it as a challenge ... I really had nothing to lose, so I launched 🚀 into the experience!

They had transportation on the days that warranted it, they were understandable with the schedule, they would enter at 9 and leave at 5 in the afternoon, sometimes 4 if the situation with the buses became difficult. (for the morning schedule)



my life changed

I met new people
old good friends who had time without seeing.

still my new job was a double-edged needle

since, if I as a salesperson, could not sell anything to a client (that the last days before quarantine were like this) well ... the manager was not very friendly

so ... basically they can fire you

image.pngthis is me drawing in a mall
image.pngThis is a photo of how I decorated my mini laptop on the outside
image.pngone of the few ice creams that I could enjoy last year
I have a little brother with down syndrome and ... I must fight for him, you know? it's not just about me ... I want to give him a better life

image.pngimage.pngThese are some photos of some tendrils that I really liked <3 and well I couldn't buy because ... hahaha I can'

This year it was not all bad, thanks to my friend Elias who proposed this way to earn income knowing that I like to draw, and that it could help me

and i really appreciate it

I also met a person who has only inspired me to draw.

We both hope to be together as a couple, while we get to know each other little by little.

and to this beautiful community, that has made me feel that I am worth and that I am useful

I hope I can achieve my goals
truelove pero con ropita ahaha.jpgtrazos3.jpg

the drawing I made above is inspired by us


I practice on violin, he plays the piano and ukulele

I really like to sing and dance and of course illustrate