How to Watch the Show Live and OnDemand

How to watch Loud and Proud Live or take it with you!

Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova from Pexels


Option 1

  • Grab adult beverages and snacks. Coffee if it's morning where you are.
  • Go to MSPWaves click on the video player and enjoy beverages and snacks.
    Option 2
  • Go directly to VimmTV
    Option 3
  • Go directly to 3Speak


You will need to go to Unkle Bonehead on 3Speak. Once there, if you are on hive you can follow him and get updates as they are posted or you can download the individual shows and watch them anywhere at anytime.


You can join in the live chat room in MSPWaves discord server in the mspwaves-audience room. You can also listen to the show right on discord! To join the server just go to MinnowPond