Hello guys ! Here I bring you my drawing process

I worked at medibang paint
use the brushes:

  • pen and pencil for line art
  • watercolors for colors
  • the smudge to attenuate shadows and highlights, even to better soften the color scheme


This is one of the final results
an adorable connection between the characters don't you think?
okay !
let's keep going !
below we have the study of the shadow and the entrance of light for both characters


  • then we have the incorporation of the background
  • trazos1.jpg

  • the incorporation of colors, and not just any color, a nice palette in shades of sunset
  • trazos3.jpg

    screenshot of my work



    Final details

    truelove pero con ropita ahaha.jpg

    and that's it! During the quarantine I have started drawing commissions, so I have felt alive again ...
    which I could not do before because I was working 24/7 ... being honest I felt worn out, I could hardly rest.
    guys I will thank you very much for your support <3