Urban Dictionary Adventures - 08-29-20

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Bonehead Media 08-29-20

Looking up things on the Urban Dictionary

Run time 1:51:14 - NSFW for adult subject matter

House cleaning

The show now has a new time. It’s Sundays from 1am - 3am UTC. Here in the eastern time zone that is Saturdays 9 - 11pm! This will be a much more convenient time for me personally. Provide me with enough wiggle room if something happens during the day job that would impact show time.

Along with this change comes an added host. Johnny Gearjammer will be joining me to discuss news and current events as well as tell a lot of dirty truck driver jokes.

Just as a forewarning the show format will be changing up a bit from what you are used to. So much so that I may change the name of it just to be more appropriate. While it will still discuss things with Hive and decentralization. It will be a much more “adult” type of show and focussed on fun. This is much more to what I had envisioned from the moment that MSPWaves agreed to let me do it.

I will still do the tech stuff but that will be during the week and not be a live show.

For some stupid reason I let Swoop jump in the fun today! I honestly dont know what I was thinking. Maybe I was just taking pity on him since nobody else lets him on air. But either way I did and it was pretty fun! Swoop, thanks for jumping on!

  • He has an onlyfans page and is making $5/day
  • Talked a bit about his art
  • His roommate does feet pics? WTF?!?

If you’ve ever listened to a dj in the Pirate channel on the PAL discord then this is pretty much what those turn out to be. Have fun listening and wear earbuds or headphones. Just sayin…

We also learn the hard way to not google for strange things such as fish porn or pretty much anything on the urban dictionary.

Music playlist

  • Jump, Jump (Cover) - Leo Moracchioli
  • Refrigerator Car - The Spin Doctors
  • UHF - Weird Al Yankovic
  • A Lapdance is So Much Better When the Stripper is Crying - The Bloodhound Gang

Weird News

Hive Stuff

I’m easing up a bit on the Twitter-Hive. But definitely not going to stop!

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