For the Boomers

Hi, I'm Ryan Ridenour. I'm known by friends as Unkle Bonehead and I'm a 50 year old truck driver with over 3 million accident free miles

I'm also husband, father, blogger, vlogger, podcaster, online radio personality, indie musician and just a dude that wants to have fun in life.


But none of that is what I want to talk to you about today.

If you are my age (50) or older you are most likely on Facebook, MeWe or that new Parler social media networks.You probably watch YouTube and try to understand TikTok and Instagram. But you are just not entirely sure that they are worth it.

Things are weird in the world today

It seems like there is a constant stream of news stories about how they get hacked and your private information gets caught up in it.

Or you notice that your posts arent getting seen because you voice an opposing opinion to what they deem to be ok to have. Or even worse you get out right banned or deleted because of it.

These things can and will change!

What if there is a better way to have engaging real, meaningful conversations with real people on virtually any topic and keep yourself and your data safe and secure while doing it.

The answer is Hive.

Hive is a technology that is known as Web 3.0.

What is that? Well, in web 3.0 the concept is simple. You have an identity just like in real life. You can then log into a myriad of different sites with this same identity and interact with other users from any of these sites from one that you like.

For example, you can watch your buddies post from another site on your favorite site and talk back and forth between sites without having to actually go the site they posted on.

But here is the absolute best thing and my favorite part of it.

Places like Facebook and Twitter are companies in business to make money. They use you and I as a product to sell to advertisers.

But with hive, there is no company. There is no CEO and no shareholders to be beholden to!

With hive being a blockchain technology there is also a crypto currency. That you automatically get and accumulate just for being active. This means that since you now own hive YOU are an owner of the whole network!

Hive puts the internet back in the hands of the people. Your voice has a value. Your voice has meaning and nobody can ever silence your voice or delete you.

It's set up similar to a representative republic.Where you get to vote for witnesses (the governance) and what projects and apps you think will benefit you.

With Hive you get ownership and freedom of speech unparalleled on the internet.