Off the Rails Episode 1

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Off the Rails Episode 1

This is the premier episode of "Off the Rails". Where on the last weekend of each month you the audience get to come on the air LIVE with us and talk about anything you want to talk about!

Whether it's about how your boss/spouse/government/bank pissed you off this time for good or how much you love your cat.

Anything is up for discussion and absolutely nothing is off limits. Totally uncensored, off the cuff and always LOUD and Proud!

Free speech like it should be!

Thank you to all of you who talked. Even @hiveqa for at least being there even though he wouldn't talk.

@soundwavesphoton asked to be unmuted but never said anything. But he could have and so can you! Your next chance to do join the party is December 27, 2020 @ 12-3amUTC/December 26, 2020 @7-10pmEST.

But the regular show still airs every weekend at the same time, so see you next week!

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