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This show was a blast for a premier! I had so much fun doing and can't wait to do it again! Every Saturday at 9-11pm UTC!

This is Act 1 of 4

Who am I

Unkle Bonehead

What to expect from this show

  • A STRICT NO Politics rule - Unless it humor and slams a politician right in the mommy/daddy parts hard!
  • News about Hive and its dapps!
  • Dapp highlight of the week
  • Discussions of marketing concepts to promote hive
  • Bonehead of the Week - Each week I will ask you to vote for the Bonehead of the week over at dpoll (of course it's powered by Hive!) We will give each poll a week to accumulate the votes so you can all reblog it across the web 3.0 and tweet it at the antiquated web 2.0. Lol! This week I want the chat room to give suggestions. We need 3-4 people and what they did to be the bonehead next week. Any topic, any person anybody that did something stupid. I would imagine that there will be many public figures and celebrities in these polls.
  • Interviews and guests - Not only from the hive community but other places as well. I dont want to focus on all Hive all the time. I want this show to be an escapism for you to get away from all the maddness that is the current news cycle of doom and gloom 24/7!
  • Just general overall fun.
  • Shownotes as well as the music playlist will be posted on my blog on PeakD and will include all links discussed in the show.

My 1st and foremost goal with this show is to have fun. I want to make you feel good and make you want to share that great feeling with somebody else. We need to stay positve but still have fun to make it in this world.

Hive News

My Hive interface poll on Twitter

Which Hive interface do you prefer? Please share this is research for my show!

  • PeakD -68.8%
  • Hive.blog - 15%
  • 3Speak - 11.3%
  • WTF is Hive? - 5%
  • 80 votes · Final results
    Dick Turpin Commented that he would like to combine Hive.io and PeakD together and NathanMars uses Hivean.

I got sucked into the drama of @Cryptofinally leaving hive. So Iwrote a post. You can read the apparent reason I got sucked in here, which has been my biggest post so far.

  • 3.99 Hive
  • Not a huge deal but for someone new to hive such as myself. ITS A BIG FUCKING DEAL!

And see a great example of how your link page should look here.

Great Content Creators to follow on Hive

Its really what interest you in who you should follow. But these are some of the ones I really enjoy. Some cover a wide range of topics and some very specific. But the coolest thing is they are real people who will engage with you! I only have 22 folowers but am following 102 as of this airing. Am I crying for more followers, no, yes ok I am. I gotta call some of ya out here. On Twitter I have 98 followers and on Hive only 22? Thats ass backwards. I didn have that many followers on Twitter until Nathan gave me a #Hive5 from London. It exploded on Twitter. If you are on Twitter and following someone because they are schilling about Hive, thats awesome! But what would be even more awesomer is if you actually followed them on Hive as well. You dont have to vote on their posts if you dont want to. In fact your right, you shouldnt follow someone just because of Hive. You should actually have an interest in them. Lol. Its not a popuarity contest.

But there is so many more and better content creators on hive than I could ever be. And I want to share them with you! Some of these may be communites.

Big MFA -Somwhat Personal

As of right this very moment. I am making all of content be on Hive as a priority. LBRY and the audio podcast will be 2nd and 3rd. Meaning that any content I create, video, audio or written, will be at least 1-2 weeks behind Hive. The fediverse stuff, Mastodon, Socialhome, Pixelfed, Funkwhale, etc. I love you guys. Especially Funkwhale, that app us out of this world. But the others, especially Mastodon has gone way too political for me. Thats why I havent posted on it much these last several months. If you want to pretend your being decentralized by not being decentralized and blocking everybody you disagree qith, then that defeats my purpose for going decentralized. Everybody has a right to an opinion even those you disagree with. You have a right not listen but you have no right to silence them.

So Hive and MSP Waves has my priority from this point forward.
Only outside social site I will use is Twitter and it will be only posts about hive with links to a hive interface.

Todays Playlist

Muisic that will get me in trouble has been removed from these videos. I left in the ones I have persmission to play on podcasts.

  • William Tell Overture - Erock on YouTube
  • Dont Forget Where You Came From - The Cool Waters Band
  • Perfect Insanity - Disturbed
  • We the People - The Ism
  • Hot Summer Nights - Van Halen
  • 21st Century Schizoid Man - Ozzy Osbourne
  • Bang Your Head (Metal Health) - Quiet Riot

You can listen/watch live on Saturdays 9-11pm UTC on MSPWaves

Join in the live chat on Discord

Stream overlays by thepeakstudio - If you want high quaility graphics I can strongly reccommend you hire him!

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