Ahh, The Weekend is Finally Here!

Ahh, The Weekend is Finally Here

Now it's time to cut loose and have some fun! Come hang out with us!

I know this is my first post to this community and I'm using it to promote my live show I do. But I'm never one to pass up some shameless self promotion. But first let me give you a little brief introduction of myself.

Who the hell are you?

That's what some of you that are reading are asking right now. If you are still reading. My name is Ryan Ridenour. But everybody calls me Unkle Bonehead. Yes, they really call me that in real life too. I've been known by that name for about 18 years now. It was given to me by my best friends son when he was learning how to talk. He is almost 20 years old now. So yeah, I've answered to the name for a very long time.

I've been a truck driver in the United States for nearly 30 years and have almost 3 million accident free miles. Not bragging, just sayin, lol. But I'm also a father, husband, blogger, indie musician, radio broadcaster and long time podcaster. I love to create media. Especially audio media. Its my passion I love to play with audio editing and seeing what I can make.

I came to Hive back in April and kind of just lurked. I was producing a podcast called The Self Hosted Podcast and my interest in self hosting and decentralization led me to Steem. I was going to join it but then the Justin drama went down and I held off. I checked out Hive and agree with the philosophy so I've been here ever since.

I came for the decentralization, Im staying for the community.

Thats what I've been saying over the last couple of months on Twitter. The Hive community, the people on here are absolutely some of the nicest, greatest and most astounding people I have found on any social media. They actually want to engage with people, especially new people.

So thats who I am. Now, heres what I do on the weekend.

My normal weekend

I usually get home off the road on Friday evenings. Sometimes Saturday mornings depending on which load I ended the week with. But either way the first thing I do is get mauled by my dogs when I walk through the door. Because, you know, dogs. They havent seen me all week and just want to play. They are some of the most affectionate animals and I am absolutly 100% a dog person.
The second thing is I hang with the wife and kids for the biggest part of the day. My daughter is 16 now with a boyfriend (that is scared out of his wits of me) so she spends alot of time with him now that school is in and we are allowed travel around our area. But when shes not over at that guys house or he is here. Shes showing me all of her artwork she created during the week.

I then do what little there is left of the "honey do" list. I say little because my 26 yr old stepson still lives with us and cant (wont) find a job and he takes care of all chores for me through out the week. So I can have the luxury of just hanging out and he can have the luxury of staying in the house for free, lol.

But come Saturday nights it's time to have fun.

The Live Show

I mentioned I did radio and podcasting. I've done several live show on internet radio and even ran my own station for awhile. If you've ever done a live show video or radio you know what I mean. WIth a chat room or a live audience there is no experience like it in the world! I like to make people laugh and smile. I also just like to have fun.

After several years of not doing a live show I got the permision to produce one on MSPWaves and surprisingly they havent kicked me off the air yet. So I guess I'm just gonna showing up and broadcasting. The show has already drasticly changed since I first started it a month or two ago. Since my long time friend Johnny Gearjammer has rejoined me in broadcasting it's now slowly morphing intoa revamp "Loud & Proud". Which was a show we did live on The Bush Radio back in 2010-2011. We had a total of 4 hosts on Wednesday nights and the show usually lasted around 4 hours. Lots of comedy and talk with local musicians in the mid Michigan area. We had skits and paradies out the wahzoo.

We have spoken with the other two former hosts and they are considering coming back to join with us as well. That would be absolutely fantastic for me. Since Loud & Proud was my all time favorite show I've ever done.

How you can listen, watch and even join in the chat and get on air!

The show is on Sundays from 1-3am UTC on MSPWaves. Go to their site and you can watch right on the front page. Or you can find the station on Vimm and 3Speak. It's also on ThetaTV but I dont have a link for that.

To get into the chat join the PAL discord server if you're not already a member. The live chat is in the mspwaves-audience room. You can even listen right on discord by going into the MSP Waves Broadcast room. If you have a microphone and want to join in on the conversation live on air then say something in the chat by tagging myself or Johnny. I will bring you on air and you can join the party too!

The show is geared towards adults so do have any young kids or impressionable ears around. Becuase both Johnny and I are truck drivers and the F bomb will most likely be dropped quite frequently.

There are a couple of ground rules for joining in on air with us.

  1. There always has been and always will be a STRICT no politics rule. Some light politics is ok but absolutely nothing that will start a huge argument where either side starts quoting opinions as facts. It will not be tolerated and you will be kicked. The show is a place for people to come and have fun and to get away from things such as politics.
  2. Above all else JUST HAVE FUN!!!

If you cant make it to a live show

The video of it always released on 3Speak on my account within 24 hours of airing. It is currently branded as Bonehead Media Live. There is also an audio podcast version that can be found on all major podcasting directories.

For more info and links to the podcast directories click here

You can also find the show on on LBRY

But Sunday late afternoon/evening the fun is over

Sundays I usually end up leaving back out becuase my Mondays start in the wee hours of the morning and I am a courteous neighbor and thoughtful husband. I'm pretty sure nobody in my whole town wants to hear my Peterbuilt fire up at 1-2am with straight pipes. It typically shakes the neighbors glass in the window frames. The neighbor at the end of the block that is.

I already know that in my own house it's so loud that it litereally sounds like it is sitting in the living room with you. Lol.

So thats my typical weekend every week. I love it and the only thing I would like to change is that it should be twice as long. The weekend should just be the week and the week should only be two days long.

So come join us some time. We'll hang out and have some fun!

See ya around!